How to home quarantine?

Who is home quarantined?

(i) travel related cases and (ii) focal clusters arising from a travel related/unrelated case where cluster containment strategy is adopted (iii) Persons coming from COVID-19 affected areas where local and community transmission is evident. -MoHFW[1]

A contact in the context of COVID-19 is:

A person living in the same household as a COVID-19 case,

A person having had direct physical contact with a COVID-19 case or his/her infectious secretions without recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) or with a possible breach of PPE,

A person who was in a closed environment or had face to face contact with a COVID-19 case at a distance of within 1 metre including air travel

The person should be clinically assigned as a very mild case/ pre-symptomatic case by the treating medical officer. -MoHFW[2]

Mild illness may include: uncomplicated upper respiratory tract viral infection symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough (with or without sputum production), anorexia (loss of appetite), malaise (general discomfort), muscle pain, sore throat, dyspnea (shortness of breath), nasal congestion, or headache. Rarely, patients may also present with diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting.

Is your home eligible for quarantine?

What to monitor and when to seek medical assistance?

When to discontinue?

What will it take to successfully home quarantine?

Precautions and Measures to take

WHO[1] recommends that Individuals who cannot tolerate a medical mask should use rigorous respiratory hygiene; that is, the mouth and nose should be covered with a disposable paper tissue when coughing or sneezing. Materials used to cover the mouth and nose should be discarded or cleaned appropriately after use (e.g. wash handkerchiefs using regular soap or detergent and water).




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